DP World Liège Container Terminals is the first inland container terminal to start operations in 1990. It still is the most import terminal in Southern Belgium.  Since the beginning we are focussing on helping our customers to realise their objectives and targets. Traditional family values such as stability, respect, excellence, team work and long term vision continue to dominate our way of working. The partnership we entered into in 2018 with DP World enabled us to widen our network and scope of operations and to have a global reach. Today we still deliver top quality services to shippers, forwarders, shipping companies or road transport companies. 

Why work with us ?

With our multimodal experience, we make optimal use of each mode of transport - ship, train, truck,... -  

With our 2 terminals North / Trilogiport and South / Angleur of Liège, we are ideally placed for deliveries in the three border area (Belgium, Germany, Holland)

We are also depot for several major shipping lines.


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Measure the difference in C02 with combined transport via ours terminals in Liege